GOOD NEWS! We have resumed  Driver's Education with strict COVID-19 precautions.  We are asking for your patience as this process will take time to complete.  We are in the process of returning calls & scheduling students to drive.  If you have already submitted an application, please do not submit another one, someone will be contacting you to discuss class options after class dates have been posted.  Unfortunately, we will not have any additional summer classes.  Our next class will be our Fall/Winter Class Schedule, if you missed us this time, please check back with us in the future.  

Please note the following message due to the high call volume we are experiencing in our office:

(1) We are currently NOT providing adult lessons (for permit holders or license holders) to anyone over the age of 18.

(2) If you are interested in Driver's Education (less than 18 years old), please submit an application online under the DRIVER'S ED APPLICATION & once we have class dates for the Fall/Winter Sessions; we will be calling applicants back based on the date of your application submission.

(3) If you are one of our current customers inquiring when your student(s) will receive the behind the wheel portion, please understand we are currently in the process of driving the July 23rd &  August 6th test date students.  If you are one of these customers & we have not called you yet, please understand we will be calling you very soon.

(4) DMV (Level 1 permit appointments) should not be made until the behind the wheel portion has been completed.

(4) Per requirements, the 17 year old students in each class will be driving first &  then students are scheduled based on their age at the time of class. 

Please know we are working as hard as we can under  COVID-19 guidelines to get everyone driven in a timely manner.  We understand school has started for most of our students & we have adjusted our drive schedules to fit everyone's busy schedules.

 *** CLASS DATES*** Driver Education Classroom Schedule for 2020: 

Fall/Winter Class Dates (Coming Soon)


*The above dates are for the classroom portion only. Once the classroom portion is complete and all requirements have been met ( passing final exam, eye exam, completing required hours, etc.) we will begin scheduling the students to drive. Students are scheduled to drive in the order they registered for the class. 

We have not had a price increase in the last 8 years, unfortunately due to COVID-19, we have increased our cost for the Driver's Education Course to $550, this includes 30 hours class & 6 hours behind-the-wheel.   Allow your child to have the driver education experience they need and discover why All The Way Driving School, Inc. is #1 rated and the first choice for driver education!

Register 3 ways: 

  1. Submit an application on the "Driver's Ed Application" tab & someone will call you after the classroom dates have been posted (applications will be called based on the date of application submission).
  2.  If you call our office at (910) 875-5348, please understand we are very busy & we will try to return your call in a timely manner.

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