We are a NC DMV approved Commercial Driving School providing Driver's Education to any student who resides in North Carolina . To take driver education privately, please visit the "Upcoming Classes" tab or apply below. ‚Äč Please note you will not receive an email confirmation upon submission.


Students should not plan to miss any class during the course as make-up time will be $25/hr and will delay the behind-the-wheel portion. If a student misses more than 3 hours of class or fails to make-up time within 60 days, he/she must pay $550 to re-take the course (no exceptions). The student may be dropped from class at any time at the instructor's discretion for cell phone or electronic device usage, disrespectful behavior, cheating, profanity, sleeping, persistent tardiness, suspension or any other reason as deemed by the school/instructor. If any portion of the classroom is missed, it is the student/parent's responsibility to contact ALL THE WAY DRIVING SCHOOL, INC. at (910) 875-5348 to discuss make-up time (usually not offered until the next scheduled classes or longer due to COVID). The student will be expected to pass the test with a minimum of 70, if a student fails the test, there will be a fee of $25 to re-take the test. A DMV representative will perform eye exams on each student during the classroom portion. If there are medical/vision issues, the student will be given an additional form or will be advised of what is expected.

 Transportation will be the parent's responsibility; please make sure you have a ride home at the end of class. Students should bring paper and a black pen to class each day-along with the NC DMV handbook which will be given out the first day of class; replacement of the handbook will be a $10 charge. Students should prepare to bring lunch and/or a snack to class each day. Students should bring a light jacket to class (if necessary due to the A/C) use on warm days. Students will be asked to remove hats/hoodies etc. Any documents passed to students for parent signatures are expected to be returned as soon as possible. 

The driving portion will begin after the classroom session has been successfully completed & all necessary forms have been completed.  The driving portion will be scheduled by ALL THE WAY DRIVING SCHOOL, INC. If a driving appointment is missed without 24-hour notice to the driving school, the student will be charged a $50 re-scheduling fee. Driving is a privilege; please remember the instructor has the authority to remove a student from the classroom or driving portion at any time. Completion of driver education does not guarantee a learner's permit or license. By submitting this application, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the driver education program.

Driver Education Application